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Our Website is totally Interactif, each  pages will bring you to a complete different atmosphere, a new world. 

You are welcome to discover it and shop in the same time. 

DARE DOLLS is a 10 years idea in the making, in 2016 it was first an harness and luxury choker shop.

The trademark and the launch of the international shipping website was in 2017.

Many celebrities wore our chokers in few Music Videos this is when the brand became well known mostly in California. Later, the success of the first Tupac Vintage shirt was the beginning of the Unisex clothing line. In the process of creation we did more bodychains, chokers collections and definitly improved the quality of the Unisex clothing line almost fully organic, eco-friendly and  some Champion Apparel.

Since 2020, We decided to recreate a brand new website. We proposed a larger range of products with  many Brands partnership from Europe, America... to give our customers the best quality, service, shipping and price possible since the Covid-19. 

The first idea of DARE DOLLS SHOP was to empower, the most important for us is to not be put in a box in general and especially about the look #DareDollslook, Our DOLLS campaigns represent the difference in styles from Goth to Glam, Street....   why DARE  ? we created a chess game full of DARES.

DARE DOLLS  use their style to change the world and can achieve everything they want  with dedication and hard work  because they dare to be themselves. 

We had a Skincare line DARE DOLLS replaced by a new project FLY HIGH US By Dare Dolls.

We have more than 20 products made with Hemp or/and CBD.  100% from USA, We choose to use only natural organic -Vegan, Cruelty free - Pesticides, Chemicals free with an eco-friendly packaging to respect our value.

We propose tinctures, oils, creams, balms, gummies, capsules, serum, Patches..... 

those complements and beauty, health care are not for medical use, moreover you have to be +18, +21 depends of the law of your area.

We have all the laboratories results if needed.

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