Many  Hollywood Celebrities have taken a liking on wearing already.

"Our brand is about strong woman who have a positive impact in the world! Dare to inspire others with

dedication and hard work."  

"If You Dare, you can achieve everything you want in Life. Let no one put you in a box, especially about your Look


It's about the opposites.

We are playing with black and white.

On Instagram @daredollshop, it's about the duality in Life … Like a chess game.

Every week we put out a Dare to... like a game.

To inspire the people who follow the Instagram and the website.

We show moods with the same kind of accessories who already been used in Fashion or history

by women who changed the World by them beauty and hard work.

"For us they represent our Dare Dolls"

A Dare Doll is a women who stands, work hard and uses her beauty and style to change the world, because she Dares to be herself.


Our accessories are one-size, fit every kind of women who wants to be sexy. No need to wait for a special occasion.

Chokers can be use during the day or night. They are in crystal.

Harness can be use with underwear, swimwear, dresses, under or on top of any clothes. It's all free. No rules.

Normally harnesses are difficult to use, made mostly in leather, however we used elastane fabric to make it

easier to wear in many fits and all sizes.

Body Chains are also in Crystal, you can wear it with underwear, bikini, on top or under clothes, dress, sexy top...

"People can say chokers, harnesses, fishnet tights, and garters ... are more SM style, but we want to make it

fashionable in every case including but not limited to rock, street style, goth, glam..."

Products are also all Vegan friendly, no animals involved.

Our shop is Eco-friendly for the Unisex clothing Line. We are doing our best to be organic CBD and beauty products (FLY HIGH...)

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